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    Crossword FF3



    2. A pathological condition known as exopthalmus.
    5. The young of a fish.
    7. Common name for African Cichlids from lake Malawi.
    11. Popular aquarium bedding or substrate.
    12. Thin fish food.
    13. The animals of an environment.
    14. Popular aquarium decorations.
    17. Device used to maintain water temperature.
    18. Used to catch fish.
    19. Ornamental domesticated varieties of the common carp.
    20. Helps prevent evaporation and fish from leaping out of a tank.
    23. Wide blade, grass-like freshwater plant, with a large "vegitable" like bulb at the base.
    24. Fish food, _____ shrimp.
    25. The breathing organs of most of the fishes.
    27. A member of the cichlid family.
    28. This needs to be sturdy to hold the weight of your aquarium.
    33. A popular livebearer.
    34. Material used to soften and acidify aquarium water.
    35. The walls of the aquarium.
    36. Member of the Loricariidae family of suckermouth catfish.
    37. Siluriformes (common name).


    1. This type of fish starred in the movie "Finding Nemo".
    3. A fish that feeds on both plant and animal matter.
    4. This long nosed freshwater fish from Africa possesses a weak electrical organ (2 words).
    5. The plants of an environment.
    6. A temperature unit used to rate the color of light bulbs.
    8. Simple, single-celled aquatic plants.
    9. The measurement of dissolved salts in water.
    10. Rounded, thicker fish food.
    13. A popular aquarium fish website.
    15. Imperial unit for measuring the volume of water.
    16. This coral gets its name from a resemblance to a human organ.
    18. A chemical which is part of the nitrogen cycle.
    21. Water of low salinity.
    22. Local fish shop.
    26. A measure of light intensity.
    29. This water often need to be treated for chlorine before use.
    30. A measurement of the amount of dissolved salts in the water.
    31. Under gravel filter.
    32. Fertilizing fluid of a male fish.
    36. Scale which describes water acidity and alkalinity.
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