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    Crossword FF2



    1. A poison.
    5. Plant-eater.
    6. Scale which describes water acidity and alkalinity.
    9. A popular livebearer.
    10. A member of the cichlid family.
    11. Meat-eater.
    12. Popular aquarium bedding or substrate.
    15. A group of closely related species.
    18. The plants of an environment.
    20. Material used to soften and acidify aquarium water.
    21. A popular aquarium fish website.
    24. The material used to cover the bottom of the fish tank.
    25. A website where popular fish sites are ranked by votes.
    26. Common name for African Cichlids from lake Malawi.
    27. Fertilizing fluid of a male fish.
    28. Simple, single-celled aquatic plants.
    29. Active by daylight (opp nocturnal).
    30. A meaure of light intensity.


    1. Waters lying between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn.
    2. A measurement of the amount of dissolved salts in the water.
    3. A chemical which is part of the nitrogen cycle.
    4. Substance added to water to help maintain the pH.
    6. A pathological condition known as exopthalmus.
    7. Bottom-dwelling fish from Southeast Asia.
    8. A temperature unit used to rate the color of light bulbs.
    12. The breathing organs of most of the fishes.
    13. This type of fish starred in the movie "Finding Nemo".
    14. The young of a fish.
    16. Living on or close to the surface of the water.
    17. Used to describe the wavelengths of light produced by a bulb.
    19. Bettas (Siamese fighting fish) belong to this family.
    22. This fin is found at the top of fish.
    23. Plastic material used to construct some fish tanks.
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