Since this aquarium is about 50% naturally planted so far, I decided to replace the stock LED lights that came with the tank with a budget full spectrum LED light.

The light came from Amazon and is a Lifeguard 72" 9000K 2249 lumen white+pink+red+green LED light strip. The unit sits nice and flat on my aquarium and there is a huge difference in the amount of light in the aquarium for only 45 watts.

Model: R8000055 Lifegard High Output 72" Full Spectrum
White LEDs: 72 0.5W
Red LEDs: 12 0.5W
Blue LEDs: 16 0.5W
Green LEDs: 12 0.5W
Pink LEDs: 16 0.5W
Color Temp: 9000K
LUX: 2810
Lumen: 2249
Power: 45W

Full spectrum LED lighting
Full spectrum LED lighting colours
Lifegard 72" LED aquarium light
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