Well my FX6 has arrived, and it looks like a beast compared to the old Filstar I had running on a similar sized setup.

The included media is minimal, but luckily I got a deal which came with a bunch of extras.

FX6 Media
  • Water flows through the filter from outside then from the top basket to the bottom basket
  • Pack foams from coarse outside to medium to fine.
  • Mechanical top , then biological, then chemical at the bottom
Everyone has their own preference when it comes to media in canister filters. For me, on a new tank I am going to go with extra Biomax and a polishing pad in addition to the supplied media (at least to start). I prefer to be heavy on the bio over chemical filtrataion.

Fluval FX6 canister filter

Fluval FX6 setup
In the bottom basket I placed a polishing pad over the included foam, some carbon in a bag and some biomax to fill the remaining space.

FX6 bottom basket filter media